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What is the future of OEM touch monitors?


Since the appearance of smart phones, the touch industry has ushered in rapid development. This way of human-computer interaction has rapidly changed people's lives. For a time, touch is everywhere, extending from smart phones to tablet computers, then to commercial and industrial touch-controlled products.  It can be said that people's acceptance and demand for touch have ushered in a new peak. So many demands have naturally created a boom in the touch control market, and many manufacturers have begun to enter this field.

23 inch touch monitor with lights before and after

At present, there are two types of monitors with touch. One is a monitor with only touch function, and the other is a touch-integrated computer. They all belong to the category of smart displays. Judging from the current development trend, the display will be used in combination with more devices in the future, and cannot simply be used as a passive output display device. Therefore, smart displays are a development trend, and the reduction of touch costs is to reduce The development resistance of smart displays.

With the increasing demand for touch displays by customers in this field, the prospect of its solutions is very broad, which will inevitably lead to an increasing number of application scenarios. Many manufacturers can support OEM touch displays and strive for a larger market share. Over the past few decades, creating new touch technologies has become the biggest focus for suppliers due to the intense competition in the current market. With the development of society, enterprises will soon invest a lot of energy and capital in product development.

23 inch pcap touch monitor

For many years, Top One Tech Ltd. has been a well-known manufacturer of wall-mounted touch screen monitors and has been widely recognized by customers. And we support OEM&ODM, support customized touch display, to meet the diverse needs of customers. The product allows users to interact with the computer with a finger or a stylus, and supports simultaneous touch operations with ten fingers. Although the size of the touch display is getting larger and larger, the development trend of the touch display product itself is thin and light. Narrow bezels and ultra-thin designs have become a trend. Each product launched by Top One Tech conforms to the trend of market development and basically adopts narrow frame and ultra-thin design. They not only look more fashionable and exquisite, but also, in terms of space occupation and weight,  are greatly reduced.

We will continuously optimize our organizational structure and work process to make our business healthy and sustainable, and strive to achieve the sustainable development of the enterprise. If you are interested in touch display, welcome to consult us, we will share more advanced touch technology and products with you.

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