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Custom Touchscreen Bonding LCD Display

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Custom Touch Screen Display Solution

Top One Tech is a leading enterprise dedicated to providing custom touch screen display solutions. It can provide product solutions ranging from semi-finished products to finished products, including custom touch screen display, custom touch monitors and LCD screens, and custom touch displays.
Top One Tech's customization process is that customers only need to provide creative or ideas, and the rest of the process is left to Top One Tech to handle: from the production of 2D or 3D design drawings, the confirmation of communication of design details, the selection of materials, the control of production processes, the inspection of finished product shipments, and finally the delivery of customized products to customers, all these steps, Top One Tech will have control rhythmically.
In short, customers only need to provide creative or unique needs, and Top One Tech completes all the remaining details.


Toponetech is a touch display supplier, with more than 10 years of custom touch screen display manufacturing and export experience.

Custom Touchscreen Bonding LCD Display

Touch screen bonded on LCD display Module is a semi-finished product, which can become the most important component of your final touch display products. You can customize the shape and shape you want according to your own needs or the needs of your end customers. Size, you can also add your own trademark and logo to make your product unique. This will make your product more personalized and more competitive in the market.

Customized Touch screen Bonding LCD Process

Production Touch screen Bonding LCD Process

Custom Touch screen Bonding LCD Display Parameter

SizeDimensionsActive AreaCover GlassRatio ofPart Number


10.4"264.3203.82.9212.81602.0 4:03TOT104UCA111
15"339.8263.83.93052293.0 4:03TOT150UCA111
23.6"5733494.3525296.53.0 16:09TOT236UCA111
23.8"5733494.0 525.52973.0 16:09TOT238UCA111
24"556.2359.63.3519.5325.12.0 4:03TOT240UCA111
27"649.6403.63.3597.6336.12.0 16:09TOT270UCA111
32"754.7449.34.3698.7393.33.0 16:09TOT320UCA111
43"992.2540.44.3943.8531.93.0 16:09TOT430UCA111
49"1139.3669.95.31075.46064.0 16:09TOT490UCA111
55"12607314.51211.6683.23.0 16:09TOT550UCA111

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