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Distinguish between OEM and ODM, what customized services can industrial touch displays achieve?_NEWS_


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Distinguish between OEM and ODM, what customized services can industrial touch displays achieve?


One of the important characteristics of industrial automation control is the diversification and individualization of product requirements, which makes standardized products unable to meet user requirements or achieve best use effects. In the industry, ODM and OEM play an important role in the realization of industrial automation control.


Among them, with the increasing demand for customized services, ODM/OEM in the industrial field has developed rapidly, and touch display equipment is also one of the industries. So, what is the OEM/ODM customized service often mentioned for touch display devices? Check it out with Top One Tech.


Industrial touch display OEM&ODM customized service


Relying on the rich experience and product resources accumulated in the industrial control industry for many years, Top One Tech has established a customized service team with excellent design and development capabilities in the process of realizing the many customized needs of customers. We can quickly turn customers' ideas and needs into practical solutions.


We customize personalized OEM/ODM design services for customers according to their needs, launch dedicated platforms and feasible solutions to meet customer needs, and serve customers to quickly bring products to the market in the most intelligent, convenient and labor-saving way to maximize profits. We can provide board-level, complete machine, related software and hardware design, design and produce according to the actual use environment of customers, provide customers with the most advanced display equipment with the most advanced technology and the most matching performance, and bring maximum benefits to customers.


screen customization

The range of screen customization includes wide temperature screen, high-brightness screen, customized automatic adjustment of screen brightness according to ambient light, full viewing angle screen, explosion-proof screen and so on.


Appearance customization

Support customization of open structure, product structure, installation method, product size, appearance color, etc.;


Environment customization

The product can be customized for use in high and low temperature environment, water droplet splashing, dust environment, humid environment, marine environment, unstable voltage environment, lightning environment, outdoor environment, electromagnetic interference and other environments;


Basic customization

Meet interface customization, configuration upgrade customization, system selection, etc. Among them, interface customization can meet the needs of industrial external equipment;


Module customization

Can be installed with GPS global positioning system, 3G/4G card slot, infrared sensor head, RFID card reader, built-in camera, WIFI module, fingerprint collector, NFC card reader, Bluetooth, gravity sensor, photosensitive probe, built-in microphone, etc.;


In addition, the touch display can also provide customized services for protection performance, including dustproof and waterproof, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-corrosion, high and low temperature resistance, pressure resistance, etc., as well as other customizations (including boot interface, customer logo, testing and certification, etc.).

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