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What are the requirements of a high-quality touch advertising machine for the touch montior


With the continuous development of multimedia technology and human-computer interaction touch technology, more and more electronic touch products have gradually penetrated into our daily life, bringing us a lot of convenience. Interactive touch advertising machine is one of the common electronic devices with stylish appearance and powerful functions.

touch advertising machine

Interactive touch advertising machine is a multimedia professional audio-visual system that publishes commercial, financial and entertainment information through LCD touch monitor terminals. It is mainly used in shopping malls, buildings, hotels, public places, etc.

However, the most fundamental problem of the interactive touch advertising machine is its own touch monitor. A good touch experience must be equipped with a high-quality touch display screen, so as to achieve good interaction with users. So what factors must a high-quality touch display screen have?

First, there must be stability. Since advertising machines are generally used around the clock, the stability of the touch display screen cannot be ignored. Remember to use the failover mechanism during use to avoid the appearance of blank screens.


Second, pay attention to screen compatibility. Top One Tech, as a manufacturer of touch display screens, its products are compatible with multiple systems, such as Android, IOS, Raspberry Pi, so in the process of using, pay attention to the compatibility of the screen. The consequences of using it will cause losses to the business.

Again, pay attention to harmony with your surroundings. In the actual process of purchasing a touch integrated advertising machine, in order to ensure the perfect application effect of the touch display screen, the user must consider the surrounding installation environment, such as location, traffic, light, temperature, humidity, etc., according to different applications environment, you can choose different products. For example, for environments exposed to direct or indirect sunlight, high-brightness products can be selected to ensure that the display content is clearly visible; in places with severe dust and variable humidity, dust-proof and moisture-proof products must be selected.

Top One Tech, as a manufacturer and sales of touch all-in-one computers and touch monitors, has always been based on the needs of customers, constantly innovating and developing, so that the products can deeply adhere to the needs of users.

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