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How to choose a suitable industrial control touch display? What are the standards


Industrial touch displays are displays used in industrial control processes or equipment. The main difference between industrial monitors and commercial monitors is the shell design. Industrial touch displays generally use an all-steel design. The panels are divided into different materials such as ordinary iron plates, stainless iron, stainless steel, and aluminum panels, which are dust-proof and shock-proof. Shenzhen touch monitors are mostly used in harsh environments such as high temperature, strong interference, and strong vibration. In this environment, it is difficult for ordinary commercial LCD monitors to work normally.

27 inch LCD open frame PCAP touch monitor (with external acrylic led bar)

Industrial touch displays can be divided into: embedded, rack-mounted, open, customized, flip-chip, etc.

How to choose a suitable industrial control touch monitor? To choose a monitor suitable for industrial use, choose from the aspects of space, viewing angle, readability, sustainability, reliability, etc.


The device design of Shenzhen touch monitor is more portable, so it can flexibly support work that could be done by expensive equipment under the same conditions. Industrial LCD touch monitors are currently produced in series from 6 inches to 65 inches, which can provide display sizes suitable for use in various industries. 



The readability of the display is another highlight of industrial touch displays. Importantly, displays for industrial applications need to support clear and precise visuals from multiple angles in a brightly lit environment. The majority of industrial environments are surrounded by bright light, which presents a challenge to display readability. The brighter the environment, the more difficult it is to transmit the touch display. One of the solutions to improve the readability of the display in a bright environment is to increase the contrast ratio without increasing the power consumption. Transflective technology offers benefits in high-brightness industrial environments. A transflective display is both transmissive and reflective. Just like it can be viewed in a dark environment through the backlight, and the reflective performance has been mentioned, making it extremely readable in a bright environment.
27 inch industrial touch display

Sustainability and dependability

Resistance to temperature changes and vibration is an important consideration in selecting contemporary industrial displays. Displays must be resilient enough to prevent bumps or bumps from mechanical workers or peripheral equipment, and must be able to handle a wide range of operating temperatures. Generally speaking, industrial touch displays are embedded in airtight containers and are part of bulky equipment. In these cases, the temperature is affected by the heat generated by the closed container and peripherals. Therefore, it is important to keep the actual storage temperature and operating temperature in mind when choosing a monitor. Although some measures are taken to dissipate the heat generated, such as using fans in airtight containers, choosing a monitor that is suitable for these environments is the most effective way to ensure that storage and operating temperature requirements are met.

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