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Why is the 10.1-inch touch monitor so popular?


The 10.1-inch touch monitor is not only very popular in industry, but also involves many industries and fields, including military, medical and home. Today, Top One Tech starts with a 10.1-inch touch monitor and introduces you to how many advantages it has:

10.1 inch touch all-in-one computer

Let's take a look first. The 10.1-inch touch monitor is designed and manufactured according to the technical requirements of the industry. It is very different from the traditional touch monitors. There are strict requirements for service life, performance, etc., the most important of which is that it has two characteristics of high brightness and wide temperature.


Wide temperature refers to the ambient temperature that the touch monitor can work normally. Generally, different industries have different requirements, generally -20~70, -30~80, etc. Naturally, the wider the working temperature range, the higher the price, the highlight means that the brightness and contrast of the LCD screen are higher, which can provide a better display effect in a strong environment.


Through the understanding of these two characteristics, it is not difficult to find that the 10.1-inch touch monitor is very suitable for the complex industrial environment.  Whether you need to work outdoors for a long time, or the temperature of the working environment is very different from the temperature in the general scene, these industrial control LCD screens can easily handle it.Therefore, this is why many industries choose industrial LCD displays.


The advantages of the 10.1-inch LCD screen are as follows:

1. From the most basic point of view, the material selection of the 10.1-inch touch monitor is very strict. The system uses hard screen materials, and based on the characteristics of hard screen materials, it can work normally in complex environments. And its characteristics of high brightness, and high contrast are more in line with the requirements of LCD displays in industrial environments;

2. In terms of size, 10.1 inches is not too big. In short, it has the advantages of small size and light weight, and has the characteristics of large display area and accurate and stable display effect;

3. The life of the LCD display is very long. Even if it is in working condition 24 hours a day, its service life is more than 5 years. Compared with ordinary displays, it is more durable;

4. Low voltage, power saving, environmental protection and no radiation are major features of the 10.1-inch LCD screen. The most important thing is that its power consumption is very low, which is worth choosing.

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