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How to choose a high-quality high-brightness LCD touch monitor?


LCD touch monitors have become the mainstream of the market. Due to different application scenarios, the required functions are also different. For example, the LCD touch monitors we use outdoors require high brightness functions. In this way, high-brightness LCD screens were born. , its brightness and contrast are higher than ordinary touch monitor, ordinary display is generally not easy to see the image in strong light, it can provide better viewing vision in strong ambient light. So how do we choose a high-brightness LCD touch monitor with good quality? Let's take a look below!

High-brightness touch monitor

1. The uniformity of the backlight source of the high-brightness LCD touch monitor may only reach 65%-75% of the high-brightness screen of the usual manufacturer. The uniformity of good manufacturers can reach 75%-85%, and some may even reach more than 90%-95%. Of course, the price of a good high-brightness screen is not the same.

2. Generally, the brightness of a good high-brightness screen is high, but it is not dazzling. It is not equivalent to the illumination of the backlight. The brightness value is a color perimeter value, which is related to the color saturation, contrast, and the backlight illumination of the screen. Therefore, a very bright screen may not necessarily achieve the brightness value we require, because what the human eye sees is the illuminance, and the illuminance is affected by the environment, the size of the space, and many other aspects, and the brightness needs to be measured by professional instrument.

3. Temperature. It should be mentioned here that the temperature is what attracts attention. The power of a good high-brightness LCD screen is low, and the heat emitted is low. The core is the packaging process of the LED backlight and the application of light efficiency. If the process is not up to standard and the luminous efficiency cannot be improved, the resulting high-brightness screen may emit more heat. At the same time, it also requires the cooperation of heat dissipation technology to reduce the temperature of the backlight to ensure the normal use of the LED backlight.

4. Professionalism. The high-quality high-brightness screen not only has a good light source (LED lamp beads), but also has a good packaging process, a good LED heat dissipation process, a good light guide process, and a good light efficiency. So when choosing a good high-brightness LCD screen, we must pay attention to whether the manufacturer is professional.

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