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23.8-inch capacitive touch screen, these details must be paid attention to


Pay attention to every product detail and provide customers with more perfect product solutions

This is  23.8-inch capacitive touch screen we customized for the customer, and the customer requested batch production and shipment. The biggest feature of this touch screen is that it has been shaped, which is different from the conventional rectangular shape. The customer's big brand logo is also screen-printed with ink on the top of the screen, which is very eye-catching. Because a batch was produced last year, mass production will continue this year. After comparing the new samples produced now with last year's samples, we found that the color of the logo is slightly different from the logo color requested by the customer last year. In line with the principle of serving customers with every detail, we took the initiative to report this problem to the customer, and immediately make adjustments, repeated deployment, try to restore the logo color that meets the customer's requirements.


After several times of silk screen printing, the color consistent with last year's logo was finally successfully blended.There is little difference between the two colors, and no obvious color difference change is felt. In order to keep the logo color consistent in subsequent shipments, we finally decided to produce the remaining 1,000 capacitive touch screen cover glass for the customer at one time. The customer also accepted our suggestion, and the professional service attitude was highly appreciated by the customer.

Customers rest assured, we do our best, and if you have any needs for customized capacitive touch screens, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will live up to your trust.

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