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About the First Factory Visiting and Training of the Shenzhen Sales Team in 2023_NEWS_


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About the First Factory Visiting and Training of the Shenzhen Sales Team in 2023


About the First Factory Visiting and Training of the Shenzhen Sales Team in 2023


Top One Tech organized a visit and training for the sales team from the Shenzhen office at the factory at the end of April. It is a great learning experience for them according to their feedback afterwards. When the sales team arrived at the touch monitor factory, they were first led to the factory office and saw the certificates and awards that demonstrate its excellence and professionality on the wall of honour. There is also a product sample display area in the office.


After the office area visit, they came to the manufactory and assembly workshop, product test room, product ageing room, and warehouse. For sales staff, seeing the production process and production environment of the products they are selling with their own eyes is a good opportunity to know the products more directly, which will help sales to better serve customers and help them understand customers' specific needs for products faster and more accurately. It can also help reduce the workload of technical engineers and make the communication between sales and customers, customers and engineers communicate go more smoothly. The salesmen said that they gained more comprehensive and specific product knowledge, production and processing process knowledge from the factory visit, and saw our factory's strict production processing and quality control standards as well as the modernization of the production environment.



After the visit, the sales team came to the meeting room to receive the training. This training mainly focuses on the sharing of product knowledge and business experience. Managers Wu and Yu, who have been in charge of product production and R&D for many years, explained the relevant knowledge of existing products and production processes to our sales. The two managers in charge of the training mainly helped the salesmen understand the product types in a more detailed way, including capacitive touch display, acoustic wave touch display, resistive touch display, infrared touch display and their operating mechanism, as well as other features that can be customized according to customers’ needs such as the brightness (the brighter the higher the cost and the lower the lifespan), the size (the ratio can be set according to the needs), the power supply (depending on the region), the interface (VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP), etc. They also explained the procedure after the production, ranging from product quality inspection to packaging and shipping, and each item is strictly examined in accordance with the standard before shipping. At the end of the training, our technical director and vice president Mr. Li shared some of his own insights and suggestions about products, technology, business and market.


Through this training, some salesmen reported that they discovered some previously overlooked details. For example, when customers inquired about the price of customized products, the factory sometimes needed to disassemble the device to check the supply of various parts and the cost at that time, because the price of raw materials is constantly fluctuating, and whether it can meet the customer's needs for hardware and software, all of which need time and manual evaluation. Therefore, when the customer has customized needs, it is necessary to understand the customer's needs in detail and as clearly as possible. And at the same time, we should reserve some time for engineers to use in requirement assessment and customer communication.


There is also the storage issue of finished products. In addition to the storage environment, it is also necessary to pay attention to the length of storage time because it will determine how to sample products to ensure quality. In the past, there were customers who started to use the devices and the devices broke down because of improper storage after receiving the products. The devices had already been damaged to a certain extent. In the future sales process, we need to bear it in our mind to remind customers to store the products in strict accordance with the storage conditions to minimize the damage rate of products.


In the afternoon, Mr. Li took our sales team to visit our sheet metal factory, where our sales staff visited the production line of sheet metal products. The sheet metal business line is what our company will make efforts to develop in oversea markets. The sales team witnessed the entire processing process of a metal plate from laser cutting, bending, press riveting, welding, grinding, and painting to the finished products. The visiting laid the foundation for the subsequent business development.


After returning from the factory visit and training, our salespersons went back to the office and continued to study the product details by disassembling the devices. Allen, the director of pre-sales and after-sales technical support, showed us the product details of several products, the working mechanism of each product, and the necessary components. Allen helped sales understand the product in detail by displaying the outside and inside of each product, combined with Q&A. He also shared some knowledge to identify the cause of product damage through customer feedback, which is also beneficial to the later after-sales service.



During the period, Allen added knowledge about products such as acoustic wave screens, capacitive screens, acoustic wave touch displays, touch all-in-one computers, and capacitive touch displays with side lights. For example, compared with capacitive screens, acoustic wave screens have better optical performance, higher clarity and light transmission, less reflection, no color distortion, no electromagnetic interference, and no drift. Capacitive screens are susceptible to drift due to the influence of electric or magnetic fields. However, the acoustic wave screen is easily affected by dust, water droplets, oil stains, etc., and the reflective array needs to be cleaned regularly. The components of the capacitive touch display are touch glass and LCD screen. The touch all-in-one computer is based on the touch display and adds a motherboard, running memory, memory card, WiFi, etc. Elo-compatible acoustic wave touch display is a touch display that is connected with a protocol board on the control card.


The salesmen said that they would continue to deepen their understanding of existing products, and serve every customer better with a sincere service attitude.


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