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How to better store and use the PCAP touch screen?


Today, let's take a closer look at the use and storage of PCAP touch screens.

1. Prevent voltage fluctuations.

Voltage fluctuations will cause the contents of the LCD screen to flicker, causing visual discomfort to the human eye. Although some voltage fluctuations are within the normal voltage variation range, due to the fast variation frequency, it may also interfere with the normal operation of electronic components or ICs on the device. In severe cases, they may simply burn out.

pcap touch screen

2. Avoid vibration.

The LCD touch screen is a very fragile glass product, and strong shock and vibration should be avoided. Do not bump or squeeze the LCD screen back cover.

3. anti-electromagnetic interference.

LCD display devices should be kept away from environments with strong magnetic fields. The strong surrounding magnetic field will generate additional voltage inside the LCD, which will affect the stability of the LCD voltage. In a strong magnetic field environment for a long time, the display screen will also produce wrong characters or confusion, thus affecting the display effect and life of the LCD.

 LCD touch screen

4. pay attention to humidity.

Water is the natural enemy of liquid crystals. If the humidity is too high, the inside of the touch screen will be exposed, causing leakage and short circuit, and the screen will become blurred. Therefore, the PCAP touch screen should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, and should be powered on frequently, so that the heat energy of the motor can evaporate the moisture of the device.

Hopefully the above four methods will give you a better understanding of how to store and use your PCAP touch screen.

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