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What is the difference between industrial touch monitors and ordinary touch monitors?


Both as display terminals, industrial touch monitors and ordinary computer monitors look very similar in appearance, but in fact, there are great differences between the two in terms of structural design, material selection and functional characteristics. Today, Top One Tech will take a look at the difference between an industrial touch monitor and an ordinary touch monitor from the aspects of the overall structure design, resolution and display effect, material components, service life, interface expansion, etc., so that everyone can understand how to choose the  suitable industrial touch monitor.

OEM 32inch industrial touch monitor

1. Overall structure

Ordinary touch monitors are mostly used in office and entertainment scenarios, while industrial touch monitors are generally used as human-machine display interfaces in various industrial sites, usually work 24/7. The application environment of some sites has harsh conditions such as water vapor, dust, oil pollution or electromagnetic interference, which puts forward relatively high requirements on the overall structure and protection strength of the industrial touch display.

Compared with ordinary touch monitors, industrial touch monitors generally use a pure metal body, which can prevent impact and isolate electromagnetic interference; and in the design of the heat dissipation module, in order to take into account heat dissipation efficiency and achieve a fully enclosed integrated body structure, the industrial touch monitor usually adopts a fanless cooling module; in terms of the stability test of the whole machine, the industrial touch display generally undergoes a high-temperature and high-humidity environment power-on aging test for more than 24 hours before leaving the factory to ensure the stability of the whole machine.

2. the material components

Based on industrial-grade application requirements, industrial touch monitors are also very sophisticated in the selection of internal components. Generally speaking, industrial touch monitors will use front panels that reach the IP65 protection level. The internal board lines are industrially designed. The components have high characteristics in terms of withstand voltage, current, temperature and humidity. The process requirements are also higher than ordinary commercial touch displays.

oem/odm touch monitor

3. Display parameters

From the point of view of resolution, general touch monitors only support several common resolutions, but industrial touch monitors are generally high-definition 1920*1080, and the resolution can also be adjusted according to the actual display output, and the high-definition display capability is better. In terms of brightness, the brightness of ordinary touch monitors is only about 250cd/m2, while the brightness of industrial monitors will reach at least 450cd/m2, which can provide better display effects even in outdoor or direct sunlight environments.

4. Service life

The service life of industrial touch monitors is quite different from that of ordinary touch monitors. Generally speaking, the life of the backlight of industrial monitors can reach more than 30,000 hours, which is several times that of ordinary touch monitors, and its touch life can basically reach 35 million times.

5. Interface expansion

Ordinary touch monitors generally do not have industrial-grade control interfaces, such as RS232 serial ports, DVI interfaces, etc., while industrial touch monitors will do more control interface expansion designs in order to meet the requirements of industrial sites.

The above is the difference between industrial touch monitors and ordinary touch monitors. So, how to choose a suitable industrial touch monitor? Top One Tech recommends that you choose a professional industrial touch monitor manufacturer after determining the parameter requirements. Professional manufacturers have good R&D and production capacity, high technical content of products, and more guaranteed quality; in addition, a large number of patent certificates, quality certifications and other qualifications can also reflect the strength of manufacturers from the side; at the same time, manufacturers that have passed CE and FCC certification , the quality control and guarantee system will be more perfect, which can eliminate a lot of worries. This is also the standard configuration of Top One Tech manufacturers. For more questions about industrial touch monitors, welcome to inquire.

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